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For any child, few choices will have as great an impact as their choice of school.
With all the information available, the search can be overwhelming to a student and their family. They may find themselves at a loss to properly evaluate their options and to make appropriate decisions. At times, a comprehensive battery of testing could also be useful.

That’s where an Educational Consultant can play a vital role. An Educational Consultant is a skilled professional who provides private support to help the student and their family select the best match to meet their needs. Educational consultants visit many kinds of schools and provide unbiased advice and individual attention to each family, based on their professional judgment about the student’s specific needs and abilities.

Laura Seese, Ph.D. has been visiting schools and programs for the past five years. She and her firm, Educational Advancement Associates, are available to help your family to navigate the maze of education and make the right choice for your child's future.

Laura Seese consults with parents, educators, service providers, and businesses in many areas involving disabilities. Examples of consulting services she provides includes, but is not limited to:
• School Placements - Boarding, College, and Wilderness
• Independent Evaluations & Testing
• Representing Parents at Case Conferences
• Review of Individualized Education Programs for Parents
• Telephone Consultation with Parents of Special Needs Children
• Least Restrictive Environment
• Behavior Management Plans
• Classroom Adaptations
• Due Process Procedures
• Parent Rights
• Early Childhood Special Education Services
• Inservice Training for Teachers, Paraprofessionals & Administrators
• Assistive Technology
• Transition Services
• Inclusion
• Expert Witness