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Tutoring: Our tutors work with students individually on organizational skills, study strategies, self-advocacy, and homework. Academic support is available in all subject areas, with specialization in Reading, Language Arts, Writing, and Math. The majority of tutors are also certified teachers, with backgrounds in special education and student services. Hourly tutoring rates range from $40 to $65 per hour.

IEPs and Special Education: One-on-one consultation is also available to assist parents with in-depth file reviews, school placements, and concerns about student performance. Meetings may be held in the parents’ home or at the office, evenings or weekends. Representation attending in-school IEP meetings, as an expert witness at due process hearings, or to obtain school district funding for out-of-district placements is also available. Our team is available to help advocate for students with special needs and ensure that all requirements of a child's IEP are being fully implemented. The cost for consultation services is $150 to $175 per hour.